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Kosgoda Villa

  • Modern & luxurious family villa
  • Private Pool
  • 4 Double Beds
  • Direct beach access
  • Private Chef and butler

This villa is situated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, located between the popular beach destinations of Bentota and Hikkaduwa, is the relatively little talked about town of Kosgoda. This is just over a two hour drive from the bustling city of Colombo and three ½ hours from the Airport. It is a perfect place for those seeking modern accommodation and total relaxation.

This is a very modern villa has got plenty of sunny and bright spots as well as cool and secluded nooks and crannies, so you can find a place to perfectly suit you and your mood. The house has four bedrooms, each with its own colour theme and unique character. All rooms have their own en-suite bathrooms. Each room is designed to let in the sun and the salty breeze.

The Blue Room is the family room located on the ground floor. Decorated in shades of blue to complement the hues of the sea, it has giant windows that invite you to gaze at the pool and the ocean beyond. A wooden stairway leads up to a loft.

The master bedroom is decorated in champagne, the cushions, the network and even the amenities. The walk- in bathroom is larger than the room itself, and the private bath complete with a Jacuzzi has a view of the ocean.

The red room is all cozy and intimate and designed especially for two. Here, the décor is bold and bright right down to the paintings on the walls. The furnishings are distinctly cheerful while a misted glass separates the room from the shower.

Verandah - this is the area that visitors love to spend the day. It’s open to the garden, the beach and the ocean. Echoing the colors of everything around are the cushions in blue, green and saffron thrown over the giant day bed of cool cement with a comfy turquoise mattress. Lofty grey cement pillars which stretch up to the high roof complement the coconut palms outside.

Garden and pavilion - step out into the garden & enjoy the fragrance of frangipani as you give into the temptation to sink into an azure pool of 40 feet. At sunset the titanium pavilion is the ideal setting for sundown cocktails and thereafter it’s where the BBQ is set-up for an enjoyable outdoor evening.

Dining room - leading out of the lounge is a sunken dining room with a majestic square wooden table which comfortably seats twelve people. Surrounded by thought provoking paintings, and an altar of candles on side, tall windows open out to the garden and give you glimpses of the serenity outside.

Mezzanine lounge - make your way up a single flight of stairs to the cozy sitting area. Sink into the long comfy sofa. Loose yourself in a song, a movie or friendly chit chat while sipping a drink. Comfortable chairs, a mini bar and thirty cushions in shades ranging from magenta to chemise.

Walkway/balcony - extending across the length of the upstairs is a walkway that takes you from the master bedroom to the other room. An unique altar table and a bench inspired from a Geoffrey Bawa design provides the ideal place for a morning coffee, to read the newspapers or to just watch the sea from a different angle.

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The Beach
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