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Spirit of Sri Lanka

All of our itineraries are individually designed to meet the particular requirements of each client. Whilst we have created a number of standard tours which are designed to provide different experiences from your holiday, ultimately we will vary the tour, hotels and day to day arrangements to meet individual's requirements.

The Kaleidoscope of Experiences

A tropical island of legendary beauty, Sri Lanka offers a kaleidoscope of experiences for you to pick and choose. Whilst for some, a flop on the beach is the main objective; we would always encourage the intrepid traveller and those seeking to gain a flavour of the country, to enjoy a number of different experiences when visiting the island.

Our individually designed holidays allow you to combine different experiences and to vary the programme to suite your timescale and any special occasions which you may be celebrating.

We normally suggest that your visits to the Cultural Triangle, Hill Country and undertaking activities such a trekking and seeking out the wildlife are undertaken towards the beginning of your time on the island and that the opportunity to chill at the beach, is taken towards the end of your stay. However, ultimately it's your choice!

New for 2011, the introduction of limited internal flights & helicopters serving the South of the island, with plans for further flights into the Cultural Triangle and the Hill Country makes combining experiences easier, significantly cutting journey times. We will, of course, suggest using these services as the develop further. In addition, two helicopter services now provide direct connections island wide & whist expensive travelling times are slashed opening up many possibilities for combing experiences previously restricted by time constraints.